Thursday, February 4, 2010

The "Slow Poke"

Congratulations to Stretch from Nostalgia On Wheels for completing the build on his 1951 Triumph "Slow Poke". His first showing was last weekend at the Grand National Roadster Show were the bike received a second place trophy. I will keep the photos to a minimum but there is so much time and vintage parts put in to this that it is easy to get carried away. He asked if he could keep it at the 1939 garage for a bit, I said uh sure. 


  1. Victor - Great shots and nice write-up! I greatly appreciate the kind words and thanks for the storage!

  2. Stretch, keep us updated on magazine coverage and articles were we can see more of the bike.

  3. This bike is so bithin' it blew me away at the roadster show. Should have won a first. Nice build,