Thursday, July 22, 2010

Boot Maintenance.

My old lady loves when I wash my boots out in the kitchen sink

The leather part that is stitched down to the sole always curls up on me. I take the back of the denture brush I use for scrubbing and push it back down.

Air dried over night.

Oiled up, and finished.


  1. I always thought that men didn't paid attention to the consequences, when they used the kitchen sink for wash dirty things like carburators, shoes... You are the proof that they completely don't care ha ha ha ha so no excuse for violators ha ha ha ha !!! :)

    Anyway, nice job, boots are beautifull ;)

  2. Those are lookin' good! Thanks for the how to tip. Going to have to give it a go on my ol' pair of redwings that I inherited a while back from my father-in-law... they have dirt from all over the world including Saudi Arabia!


  3. You did a good job! Great boots too :)