Sunday, January 23, 2011

Spotted Today.


  1. richard zocchi's. his style is his signature - single color- typically pastel, wire wheels, extended rockers, moderate chop, tube grille... all his rides look very subtle but they are really radical in modification. it was more than likely either built by Lucky 7 Customs or Oz Kustom, both are in Nor Cal. I'm assuming you saw this in your woods which means he's gonna be displaying it at the Grand National Roadster Show this weekend.

  2. Very modified! Just look at that back end. Its a 64 oldsmobile right? the roof looks like a 64 chrysler.

  3. Victor! This is my homie's car... One of the Stronghold associates... You can see it parked on Abbot Kinney from time to time... Beautiful ride, and sounds as good as it looks