Thursday, December 8, 2011


Foul weather essentials.
filson duffle bag
filson tin cloth jacket
undefeated military twill shirt
RRl chambray
pointer brand herringbone pants
white's horween leather boots


  1. you have not mentioned price of this jacket i want to know about its price..

    Reflective Motorcycle Vests

  2. tin cruiser jacket. check out their website.

  3. Ali needs to get a price on some bloody manners !!! Love your blog, despite my detestation of Mr Lauren and his bastardising of Brough Superior, Rollie Free and Vincent, nothing better in the world than a great pair of boots . . . for life. My personal choice over the last seven years is the Redwing 8113, however, I've now started doing some research on the White's you have mentioned, just never cared for their traditional jumpers et al. Thanks muchly for the insight.

  4. It is a love hate relationship between many and Mr Lauren. I do hear what your saying with the motorcycle thing. Thanks for stoping by!

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